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Treatment of Children by Age Without Pain

What do you do when your 3-year old that has a small cavity and he/she can’t sit still in the chair to get dental work done? No one likes finding out that they have a cavity, especially when it is a little child. At Hello Kids Dentistry, being a pediatric dentist in Bothell, WA, we see a lot of children with dental anxiety that just can’t tolerate treatment in the chair. This forces many providers and parents through difficult decisions to elect to have the procedure done with sedation to reduce the chance of trauma to the child but these methods can be high risk for the child and the parent. The good news is that there is a solution and we have it and use it regularly at Hello Kids Dentistry. An antimicrobial liquid that can be brushed on cavities to stop tooth decay — painlessly. There are different variations of use for this great medicament but all together, it is amazing and we are excited about it.

Its called silver diamine fluoride, or “SDF.” It’s been used in Japan since the 1960s, but the Food and Drug Administration has just approved it for use in the United States. SDF kills the bacteria that causes plaque and promotes the remineralization of teeth in the area of the cavity. Not all cavities quality for use with SDF but many cavities do, especially in the beginning stages.

This is why it is important to come in for an evaluation to see if a child has a cavity at the beginning stages to allow conservative treatment with Silver Diamine Fluoride.

Since approval in Japan more than two million containers have been sold. Not one negative effect has been reported to the Japanese authorities since they approved SDF in the 1960s.

SDF Compared to Conventional Cavity Fillings:

  • Involves no drilling
  • Kills pathogenic organisms such as those causing cavities
  • Easy to apply
  • Shown by clinical studies to be more effective than any other agent alone.
  • Provides immediate relief from dental hypersensitivity instantly.
  • Hardens weak dentin making it more resistant to future cavities.
  • Preserves more natural tooth structure

Like every good thing, it does have a negative attribute. It turns the decayed portion of the tooth, dark brown/black in color. But there is good news, there is a solution to reduce the darkening by placing a layer of preventative dental resin to cover the stain permanently once the cavity has been arrested. This allows for the strengthening of the tooth without the darkening effect. SDF is particularly helpful in pediatric dentistry as it allows Dr. nitin shan to treat tooth decay in toddlers and children with practically no pain, no drilling, no numbing and no trauma to the child.  For kids with cavities in their back baby teeth or cavities on adult back teeth, SDF will be a far more attractive option than using sedation or general anesthesia.

Not only is SDF effective for kids’ dental care, but also for treating patients with dental phobias and treating elderly patients who may not be able to tolerate surgery for invasive cavities involving multiple teeth.  SDF is also FDA approved to treat sensitive teeth, so it can also help children and adults with this problem.

The use of new safe and effective treatments, like SDF, to help patients is the heart of modern dentistry and the goal of Hello Kids Dentistry.  As the premier kids dentist in Bothell, WA,  please contact us if your child is experiencing dental pain or sensitivity or on their preventative dental visits starting at age 1.