When you wish to add a unique something to your beautiful smile and picture-perfect teeth, how about adding a diamond?

What Is Tooth Diamond?


The latest trend in aesthetic dentistry these days is to place a diamond on your teeth! Not only a real diamond, but you could also choose from diamonds, colour stones, Swarovski, or any charm.

This is the latest style craze, and we at Prodental Care are one of the pioneer dentist for diamond on tooth near me in Surat.


How Long Does A Tooth Diamond Last?

The process of application of a tooth diamond is quick and easy. It takes not more than15-20 minutes. And, they stay on your teeth until you decide to get it removed. The dental bonding procedure is used to fix the diamond on the tooth. They can be 100 % reversible by any professional and qualified dentist offering tooth diamond near me services.


Can The Presence Of A Tooth Diamond Hinder In Any Way?


No. Such jewels are usually between 0.4 mm or 0.9 mm in thickness and 1.8 mm to 3 mm in diameter. That means they are extremely small! Although, for the first few days, you might feel its presence. Then, slowly you get used to it.


Can The Jewel Impede Brushing Or Dental Tooth Cleaning?


No. There is practically no difference in anything about your teeth including hindrance for brushing or cleaning when you opt for a diamond on tooth near me under a reputed and professional dentist like Prodental Care.


Can The Jewel Fall Off? What Happens If I Swallow It Accidentally?


No, it is very rare for the jewel to fall off. And even in a rare scenario if they fall off, don’t worry, these jewels do not have sharp edges. They would not hurt in any way. So, when swallowed, they exit your system “the natural way.” And then, there is no need to worry as it would not cause you any harm.



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