All About A Root Canal Treatment

All About A Root Canal Treatment



Good-looking and healthy teeth contribute to a great extent in self-confidence. They are also a source of joy and a pathway to good overall health. An individual’s permanent set of teeth are intended to last for a lifetime. But it is not uncommon to have dental problems. Tooth infections are the most common of dental issues people face all over the world! Tooth infection is a great source of pain. It can be treated in two ways- (a) Tooth Extraction (b) Root canal Treatment

Until a couple of decades ago, tooth removal was the only solution offered for treating tooth infections. Today, developments in the field of dentistry have got with it ‘Root Canal Treatment’.

Tooth extraction, as the name suggests is the complete removal of the infected tooth. A dental rct treatment is about treating the infection and arresting it from spreading.

So, any tooth infection addressed in time can be saved from extraction, with a root canal procedure at the best dental clinic practising endodontic near me in Surat.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?


In very simple and concise words, a root canal for teeth treatment involves

  • Removing the inflammation inside the pulp of the tooth
  • Cleaning the root canal cavity
  • Sealing it with a new artificial crown

Each of our teeth has a ‘pulp’ underneath it. The ‘pulp’ is a soft tissue made up of veins, arteries, nerves, and lymph vessels. It is this pulp that supplies nutrients to the tooth. It is a connection between the tooth and the root. The pulp is found inside the dentin, underneath the tooth’s outer enamel. Root canals are thin and minuscule branches that branch out from the uppermost pulp chamber and dive down right to the root of a tooth.

When a tooth is called dead or injured, it is this ‘pulp’ that has perished. When such an infection does not get a professional and qualified dentist’s attention in time, it can infect the entire tooth. Then, the only solution left with any dentist would be extraction of the tooth.

Timely action by a qualified best dentist near me in the form of an rct for teeth can fix the damage.


The Root Canal Treatment Process In Detail

The First Visit For Root Canal Treatment

First, our dentists at Prodental Care would begin by injecting a dose of local anaesthesia. This ensures the area around the tooth is numb to pain.
Then the dentist will isolate the tooth. This ensures it remains clean and dry while the dental rct procedure is carried out.



Small precision-oriented tools help to make a small opening through the crown on the top of the infected tooth into the pulp chamber of the tooth. 
This opening enables to clean the damaged and diseased pulp present inside the tooth, by removing it.
Post a thorough cleaning; the dentist reshapes the root canal so that it can be refilled.
The dentists would then insert medications and some temporary fillings into the pulp chamber. This ensures the elimination of any harmful bacteria. This averts all chances of further infection.
In some cases when required, the dentist might even leave the tooth uncovered for a week to drain the tooth. Else he might fix a temporary filling on the opening, which helps to protect the tooth insides until the next visit. 
Meanwhile, till the next visit, he is likely to prescribe you a few medicines. These would help to arrest the infection from spreading to other teeth.

The Second Visit

An rct teeth treatment usually calls for about 3 visits to the best dentist near me. Also, it is a negligible painful procedure. 


Advantages Of RCT Teeth Treatment Over Tooth Extraction


If a damaged/ infected tooth receives a dentist’s attention in time, it can be saved by a rct for teeth treatment.

The cost for root canal in Surat at Prodental Care may seem an expensive option when considering the initial costs, but such expenditure is one time in nature.

The extraction of a tooth may sound simpler. But it gets with it a future need for replacement of the tooth either by bridges, implants, or dentures! Hence it is a source of long-term expenditures. This is because missing teeth are the key to a whole lot of dental issues like shifting of adjacent teeth, problems in bite, change of face structure, weakening of other remaining teeth, and so on. And to prevent such complications best dental clinics all over the world recommend the replacement of missing teeth.

A tooth, post the root canal for teeth treatment feels just like a natural or original tooth.

Also, Rct for teeth treatment has a higher rate of success.

The right partnership of modern techniques and the required support of anaesthesia have made dental rct a virtually painless, convenient, and healthy means to tackle tooth infections. It would not be wrong to say that in totality, a root canal procedure is less painful than a tooth extraction.

If you are still not sure and have any confusion or hesitation in regard to the cost for root canal treatment in Surat, speak to our expert and qualified team of doctors at Prodental Care today to understand the most ideal type of treatment for you and the cost you would have to incur for it.


Signs Of A ‘Dead’ Tooth

Teeth are formed of both soft and stiff tissues. The hard part of the teeth is the top enamel. The soft part of the teeth is called the pulp. It is the internal part of the tooth and contains nerves. When such nerves get damaged, they stop the blood supply to the tooth. It is this that is the cause of infections, ultimately leading to the tooth’s death. So, a tooth without access to a fresh blood circulation is called a dead tooth.

The most preliminary signs of a tooth dying are-

  • Tooth discoloration and
  • Pain in the gums around the infect tooth or just the tooth alone.


The colour of a tooth begins to change when it cannot receive a fresh supply of blood. Such a tooth would be in a shade unlike the shade of all the other teeth. They could either be light brown, yellow, grey or at times even black. Such a discoloration increases over time. Even a bruised look of a particular tooth represents a dying tooth.


When a person feels constant nagging pain in a tooth it could be a possible sign that the tooth is dying.

However, a dying tooth is likely to display one or both of the above symptoms along with symptoms like –

  • A constant bad breath from the mouth
  • Continuous bad taste in the mouth
  • Sensitivity on eating or drinking hot or cold things
  • Swelling in the gum line

However, it is noteworthy to understand that each individual experiences such symptoms to varying degrees.

Also, some people do have uniformly discoloured entire teeth, either in shades of off-white or light yellow. And when the entire teeth are discoloured in the same shade, it does not have anything to do with dying teeth due to blood supply issues.


Causes Responsible Behind A Tooth’s Death

Any sort of injury or trauma is the most likely cause for a tooth to die. The next most probable reason being poor dental hygiene. As such, maintaining an unsatisfactory dental hygiene leads a person to cavities in the teeth. Cavities first commence on the top enamel of the tooth and slowly but ultimately move down towards the pulp infecting it. This kind of infection leads to cutting off the supple of blood to the pulp. This eventually causes the tooth’s death.


Diagnosis Of A Dying Tooth

Apart from visible symptoms discussed above and any sort of teeth injury, a simple dental examination by qualified dentists and dental X-rays help to confirm a dying tooth. Therefore, when you notice any of the above symptoms, it is best you consult an endodontic near me. It could save you from a lot of likely trouble.


Life Span Of A Root Canal Treated Tooth




In the maximum of the cases, a successful root canal treated tooth can last for a lifetime, when done by professional and experienced endodontic near me. However, the life of the root canal treatment also depends on these two factors-

  1. The roots of the tooth that has been treated tooth continue to be nurtured by the tissue that surrounds them.
  2. The patient takes care to practice good dental hygiene and undergoes regular check-ups by reputed dentists like the Prodental Care team.


What Can Happen If You Leave A Diseased Tooth Untreated?




Not treating a diseased tooth immediately and trying to avoid a root canal for teeth procedure leads to severe repercussions. The diseased nerve is likely to spread the infection to other healthy nerves. This results in the development of ‘pus’ in the jawbones root tip. 

Ignoring such a scenario leads to the formation of a “pus-pocket”, called an abscess. Abscess formations are capable of damaging the entire bone surrounding the teeth. This results in loosening and ultimately falling of all the teeth, one by one. And this entire experience is not only very painful but also very harmful for your overall health and wellbeing.

Therefore, opting for a timely root canal for teeth treatment is always worthwhile so that you can save your original teeth.


General Tips That Could Prevent Tooth Death




Let us tell you this very clearly- No, it isn’t ALWAYS POSSIBLE to avert decay or death of your teeth. However, following certain practices ensure the reduction of risk of tooth dying, like-

  • Following a good regular dental hygiene, that includes brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.
  • Going for bi-annual routine dental check-ups at reputed practitioners of endodontic near me. Dentists can identify probable teeth problems and early signs and can nip them in the bud before they actually begin getting problematic.
  • Always wear a mouthguard when you participate in sporting activities.
  • Regular consumption of a healthy diet and avoiding food with high sugar content.
  • Drinking lots of water, more particularly after snacking or meals. This would wash away any food particles that get stuck to the teeth eating and prevent bacteria formation.

Before We Part

So, on the first signs of tooth dying, ensure to immediately consult a practitioner of endodontic near me. Early treatment can not only save the teeth but also prevent spreading the infection to other healthy teeth. 

Prodental Care at Surat is your one-place destination for any oral health requirements. Not only do we provide the best care, but also do so at affordable rates! Our team at Prodental Care strongly believes that early treatment of any dental issues is defiantly the key that could not only benefit the best in the current scenario but also prevent further complications.

Reach out to our experienced, qualified team of professionals at Prodental Care and bid goodbye to all your dental concerns today!



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