Until a few decades ago, when the science of dentistry was at a nascent stage, any harm to an individual’s permeant teeth was taken to as permeant damage!

With the advancement in dentistry techniques and contributions of experienced and knowledgeable dentists from the best dental clinics all over the world, this is no more the scenario. Today there are safe, and best results giving solutions to any kind of teeth related issues, aesthetics concerns, and restorative dental procedures.

One such issue is missing teeth!

Are Missing Teeth Stressing You?

Are you embarrassed to smile wholeheartedly because of missing teeth? 

Are missing teeth casting an impact on your eating habits, speech, and self-confidence?

And this is not the end of woes of missing teeth. A single missing tooth can bring with it a lot of other concerns apart from the ones mentioned above. These conditions can include: 

  • Additional tooth loss 
  • High bone weakness 
  • Increased gum recession 
  • Misaligned jaw 
  • Gum infection and disease
  • Improper bite 
  • Moving or shifting adjacent teeth

But when you are under the care and guidance of Prodental Care, the best dentist in Surat, such added complications can easily be prevented. Consult our team of experienced and knowledgeable dentists for your missing tooth and we can give you multiple options to replace them like dental implants, dentures, dental bridges, and dental crowns.


Dental implants are prosthetic roots inserted in your jaw bone. They serve the same function as a natural tooth root. 

A dental implant is a titanium post inserted in the jaw bone. This implant slowly fuses with the bone. Once this happens, an abutment is secured on top of it. This looks exactly like an original tooth.


Dentures are also known as Prosthetic teeth. They are custom made false teeth. They are used to replace a missing/ diseased tooth.

Why Do We Need Dentures?

Missing teeth not only compromise the facial appearance of a person, but they also make chewing food difficult.

Dentures are one of the options for tooth replacement.

If you have a diseased tooth and neither medication, cleaning, nor gum flap surgery can help, we at Prodental Care, the best dentist in Surat would suggest you for dentures.

Dentures can be used as a replacement for a single tooth or even the entire arch.

Type Of Dentures

The type of dentures we at Prodental Care recommend would depend are based on each individual’s specific requirement.

Partial dentures

They are used to replace single or couple of missing teeth. Partial dentures may be removable or fixed.

Fixed partial denture- They are preferred when replacing only 1 or 2 teeth. They work on the ‘crown & bridge’ arrangement. Here, a bridge is used to replace the gap created by the missing tooth. On top of such a bridge, a crown is secured with the support of the adjoining real teeth on both sides.

Removable partial denture – An artificial tooth is held in place with the help of removable clips. Such dentures are lesser expensive but are less stable as well.

Complete dentures

Complete dentures are used when you are looking to replace the entire either the 

  • mandibular arch- the lower jaw or 
  • maxillary arch – the upper jaw 

Complete dentures can be of 4 types-

Standard dentures – These dentures are end to end dentures. What this means in that the rear end of standard dentures and the hard bone in the mouth is at the same place. This ensures high stability and the best possible retention as a single piece covers the maximum surface area. 

Dentures stay in place with suction. The hardness of the tissues below provides stability.

When done at Prodental Care, the best dentist for dentures in Surat, such a procedure would require about 3-4 sittings.

Immediate dentures – These are made just before extracting the natural teeth.

They are also called temporary dentures. 

A premade denture is implanted immediately after the extraction procedure. Such a denture is placed over the bleeding sockets which help to numb the pain of extraction.

When done at Prodental Care, the best dentist for dentures in Surat often takes 1-2 sittings.

Cu-Sil dentures – Even a single natural tooth can significantly contribute to providing stability to dentures.

A Cu-Sil denture is made with has holes in it. These are surrounded by a lining of stable silicone rubber around the natural teeth. This way a single healthy tooth can support the entire denture placed on the gums.

Suction and mechanical stability are the basis that Cu-Sil dentures work on.

Cu-Sil dentures are wonderful for extending the life of your existing natural teeth and even loose teeth.

Implant retained dentures – In implant retained dentures a titanium screw is fixed inside the underlying jaw bone. This is the most preferred and best option to opt for replacing missing teeth through dentures.

This procedure is quite expensive when compared to other options but is worth it due to its superior retention capacity.

When done at Prodental Care, the best dentist for dentures in Surat, this procedure takes about 6-7 months as involves a long healing process.

How Can Dentures Improve Health?

Dentures are not cosmetic tools that help to replace a missing tooth for an aesthetic purpose. Replacing missing teeth play a vital role in maintaining overall good health. 

  1. When there are missing teeth, the remaining teeth drift into the gap created. This results in malocclusion, tilting, and bite problems. 
  2. Missing teeth hamper chewing ability thus leading to digestive problems.
  3. Teeth form the jawline. Missing teeth make cheeks and lips fall in. This considerably changes the way a person looks.
  4. Tooth loss affects speech and pronunciation.

Replacing dentures

We at Prodental Care, the best dentist in Surat recommend to replace dentures every 7-8 years. This is because with time the bone supporting the dentures is likely to get eroded. Due to this the upper jaw denture rise higher and the lower jaw denture falls downward. This leads to reducing the gap between the chin tip and nose. This makes an irreversible change in the facial structure. Next, it begins to affect muscle strength. All this happens if a patient uses old dentures beyond the reasonable time prescribed by the dentist.

Therefore, dentists at best dental clinics all over the world recommended getting a new set of dentures made 7-8 years.

How to care for dentures?

It is vital to brush the dentures twice a day and rinse well under clean water. Apart from these are some special points to consider for good denture care-

  • Place a soft towel on the counter while cleaning. This would avoid breakage if they slip in the process.
  • Do not use hot water to rinse the dentures.
  • Use only a soft-bristled/ denture specific toothbrush
  • Do not use anything apart dentist recommended toothpaste to clean.
  • When not in the mouth, soak the dentures only in denture cleanser/ clean plain water.
  • Brush your mouth-tongue, palate, and gums without dentures. 
  • Visit your dentist every 2 months for a general check-up.


dental crown looks like a tooth on top of the gum line. It is just superficial and is placed on the gums. It doesn’t anchor itself inside the gums.

Usually, they are placed on top of a restored tooth – like the ones that have undergone a root canal, has severe decay or has a very large fracture. When the size of the tooth decay is very large, and fillings are inadequate to protect them, a crown is placed on them.

Crowns conceal the entire injured tooth (above the gum line). This protects it from further wear and tear due to normal biting or chewing.

Dental crowns are very strong and can last for many years and even your entire life when done under the guidance of reputed dental clinics like Prodental Care.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Usually, the dental crown procedure calls for two visits to the best dental clinic.

The first visit 

During the first appointment, we at Prodental Care, the best dentist in Surat, would take a mould impression of the injured tooth. Our partner lab makes a customized crown for it, matching the exact shade, size, shape, and gap it intends to fill. 

Also, an X-ray image of your jawline is taken to analyse the tooth and underneath bone tissue.

Our next procedure involves creating space for the new dental crown. This may require a minimal filing down so an apt structural base is available to fit the new crown. Then an impression of the newly shaped tooth and its surroundings is taken with a special paste.

The entire procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia so that it is pain-free and comfortable.

We end this visit by placing a temporary crown on the tooth, until the next appointment, so that your injured tooth remains normally functional.

This session lasts for about an hour.

In-between the two visits

Meanwhile, we at Prodental Care, the most reputed dentist for dental crown in Surat, would work out on the tooth impressions and procure the crown from the dental laboratory. 

This could take about 2-3 weeks.

The second visit

This visit at Prodental Care, the best dentist for dental crown in Surat begins with removing the temporary crown. Then after a round of thorough cleaning, we finally place a special adhesive and mount the crown. 

This process is carried out under local anaesthesia.

This visit usually lasts for about 1 hour.

Do Dental Crowns Match The Colour Of The Existing Teeth?


Until a few years ago, dental crowns were made with metal. This would make them noticeable. Thanks to advancement in the field of dentistry, today best dental clinics across the world offer dental crowns made with composite resins like ceramic, which ensures that the outcome is a natural-looking tooth. Ceramic made crowns can de be designed to match the exact colour shade and opacity of the teeth of the patient.


A dental bridge is exactly like the name- it is a bridge between two teeth, that fills the gap of a missing tooth. It is a fixed dental prosthesis. The teeth available on either side of the missing tooth gap are known as anchoring teeth or abutment teeth. The false tooth is called the pontic. We at Prodental Care, best dentist in Surat attach the pontic to the existing teeth, which could even be a crown. It is not necessary such anchoring teeth to be natural teeth.

A dental bridge is a procedure where support from healthy teeth supports the replacement of a missing tooth. It requires not more than 3-4 visits to the dentist for dental bridges in Surat.

A dental bridge is fixed and stable. They are not detachable except by a dentist for dentures in Surat

Dental bridges are a preferred choice as easy and quick to install and negligently painful method of tooth replacement.  

When Are Dental Bridges Used?

The dental bridge procedure is not a surgical procedure. That’s the reason for its popularity amongst patients. Also, dental bridges are a good option for those patients who cannot undergo dental implants or dental crowns.

The dental bridge process is restorative and can last for years. The newly placed ‘bridge’ tooth looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

A dental bridge can be made with different materials like porcelain-fused materials or other such medical-grade prosthetic tooth supplies.

Benefits of Dental Bridges 

The benefits of opting for dental bridges include:

  • Aesthetically appealing appearance and complete smile.
  • The presence of all teeth sends out a youthful look.
  • Restoring normal mouth functions like chewing.
  • Restoring clarity of speech.
  • Presence of all teeth ensure the force of biting is shared equally by all teeth, not causing stress to a few alone.
  • Preventing future dental complications like realignment of the surrounding teeth to fill in the gap left created by a missing tooth.
  • Good overall oral health.
  • Options to choose from a broad array of options for pontic tooth materials,
  • Dental bridges are next to zero maintenance and call for the same care as your natural teeth

However, not every person with a missing tooth can be considered an apt candidate for dental bridges. Only a qualified dentist from the best dental clinic in Surat can determine the best method of replacement of tooth after conducting a detailed physical examination and a few diagnostic tests.

Types of Dental Bridges 

There are four main types of dental bridges:

Implant-Supported Bridge – This type of bridge is ideal when the receiver has more than a single missing tooth, placed between existing tooth implants. Such a bridge is attached to the implants and not to the natural teeth.

Cantilever Bridge – This type of bridge is attached to one tooth on a single side and not on both sides. We at Prodental Care suggest this type of a bridge when there is a requirement to fill the end-gap through a pontic and not let the missing tooth socket go unfilled. Since such a bridge is placed at the end of a jawline, it could be vulnerable to cracking/ breaking.

Traditional Dental Bridge  – This type of bridge is made when a single or more prosthetic teeth are held in position with dental crowns. Such dental crowns are glued on the top of the adjoining teeth, which provides support for the pontic. The traditional dental bridges are most apt when the patient has two healthy natural teeth on either side of the gap.

Maryland Bridge- Such bridges are a convenient alternative to traditional dental bridges. They hold one or multiple prosthetic teeth over the gap, using either porcelain or metal framework. The backing of such a framework is bonded on the backside of the two adjacent teeth of the missing tooth. Maryland-bonded bridges are the most apt bridge to replace a patient’s front teeth.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Prodental Care and address your missing tooth woes TODAY!!!!!!

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