Dental Implants – Don’t Let Missing Teeth Stress You

Dental Implants – Don’t Let Missing Teeth Stress You

Any person’s biggest asset is his healthy toothy smile which exudes happiness and confidence. Dental Implants are no doubt one of the finest discoveries in the dental aesthetics field. The teeth implants process calls for placing artificial roots in your jaw. They are made using titanium metal. These posts work like “anchors” to replace the missing tooth root. Surgery is carried out to insert these metal posts inside the jaw bone. They serve as a root to hold the false tooth which is placed above it, providing stable support. Don’t worry, dental implants are fixed, and in no way shift or move while talking or eating.

After the completion of the entire dental implant procedure, the final result looks just like natural teeth!

However, the primary requirement to be a recipient of teeth implants is having enough bone in your jaw to hold the newly fitted screw.

The most noteworthy feature of best dental implants is that it can be carried out perfectly without any disturbance to the healthy adjacent tooth/ teeth.

Indeed, cosmetic teeth implants are durable and with proper care can last for a lifetime. All they need is regular brushing and flossing- just like your other natural teeth -along with regular visits to reputed dentists like Prodental Care in Surat.

However, an implant is an expensive method of tooth replacement, we at Prodental Care, the best dental clinic in Surat, still recommend Dental Implants over Dentures or Dental Bridges. This is because of the advantages an implant has over the other two means of replacing missing teeth. The primary reason being the feel is more natural.


Who Are Possible Candidates For Dental Implants?

Whatever is the reason for the missing teeth- Injury – Disease – Decay; anyone with a missing tooth or couple of missing teeth is a possible candidate for teeth implant.

Natural Tooth Vs Dental ImplantThere are just two key criteria to be a candidate for the best dental implants

  • First, overall good health.
  • Second, sufficient bone in the jaw. Someone with thin and soft bones cannot be a candidate for an implant.

Talk to our expert team of doctors at Prodental Care, the best dental clinic in Surat! We would examine you in detail and recommend the best option that suits your case, depending on your health and other factors.

We take specialised care for patients with certain pre-existing conditions like steroid therapy, connective tissue disorders, bone infections, or excessive cigarette smoking. Nevertheless, in such cases, we undertake a careful evaluation process before we can be sure of the patient being fit for surgery.


Dental Implants Queries Answered

The teeth implants process is an extensive one and calls for multiple sessions at your trusted dentist, who needs to do a lot of intricate work inside your mouth.

Read along, as we at Prodental Care, try to answer all probable questions you as a patient might have about teeth implants. In addition, if this material doesn’t answer all your queries, feel free to speak to our experts who are the best dentist for dental implants in Surat.

Is Dental Implant A Multi-Step Process?


During the first consultation with a dentist for dental implants, the process begins with a round of testing. First, there would be a dental x-ray and a CT scan. This ascertains the exact anomaly of the jaw bone and where exactly the implant needs to be placed. Additionally, it also helps understand if the supporting conditions are favourable for the placement. These scans let the dentist know where exactly the patient’s bite is. It helps him decide the location and angle of the implant placement. The dentist might even want to click pictures of the mouth. All this would help the dentist plan out the implant treatment better.

Is The Dental Implant Process Very Painful?

It is a wrong presumption most people have for surgery- the pain, especially dental surgery! But the truth is, the dental implant process is practically painless as it is done under anaesthesia. Most people who have undergone a dental implant procedure claim to be fit to resume normal working the very next day onwards.

This process usually takes less than 60 minutes for placing a single implant.  Multiple teeth implants obviously take longer and are done under additional sedation.

Anaesthesia makes the area to be worked on numb for any sensation. So the patient would practically feel no pain. Yes, you may feel light vibrations during the placement of the new tooth. And as a patient, if you feel it is too much to deal with, feel free to talk to our expert dental team. We can easily provide solutions to your concerns with some anti-anxiety medication. Such medications are completely safe and help to calm patients who are in fear due to anticipation of pain.

Best Dental ImplantsIs The Recovery Process Painful?

Now that we have helped to answer your concerns over the surgical process of implant placement let’s move on to the recovery process.

During this phase orthodontists provide you with a temporary restoration tooth to wear that will ensure you look good and natural until it is time for getting the permanent teeth placed.

The recovery process of best dental implants does give a patient mild pains and discomforts, but such pain is easily ignorable or manageable with mild medication when required.

Yes, immediately the next 2 days after the dental implant placement a patient might feel little soreness in the area of the implant as the anaesthesia effects begin to wear down. During this time, we at Prodental Care, one of the best dental clinics in Surat would provide you with safe, supportive, and effective mild medications. It would help you to handle the soreness and tingling sensations and ensure you sail smoothly out of the process. Don’t worry; such a feeling is not more than a feeling one gets after getting a simple tooth cavity filled!

We would also prescribe you –

  • A small course of oral antibiotics to be taken to prevent any chances of infection, a routine process post any surgery.
  • A medicated mouthwash to gargle with for a few days, just to ensure the operated area remains bacteria-free.


What Happens Post The Implant Placement Process?

Post the best dental implants surgical process, the implant site would be given time to heal for the bone to integrate with the implant. This usually takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on the individual case. In this waiting period, the bone around the surgically placed implant grows to create strong support for the implant.

Post the healing process; we at Prodental Care would place the artificial crown that resembles a tooth over the titanium implant. The chances of dental implants failing, due to the body rejecting a foreign object rare, as low as 3%. Usually, such a process goes smoothly without any complications.


Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?

No. Once the whole process is completed, teeth implants require the same care, as your normal teeth would require. One just needs to practice good dental hygiene habits that include-

  1. Brushing your teeth two times a day.
  2. Regular flossing in-between the teeth.
  3. Gargling with an antibacterial mouthwash.


Will My Implanted Teeth Look And Feel Normal?

Yes. That’s the magic of the best dental implants process. After about a week of completion of the process, your teeth would look and feel completely natural and comfortable.


Will You Need Single Or Multiple Implants?

When there is a single missing tooth, it requires a single implant. A fixed implant denture replacement that is used to replace the entire set of teeth calls for about 4 to 6 implants per jaw.


Does The Dental Implant Procedure Have Any Warranty?

Yes. The success rates in such a procedure are supremely high and they come with a lifetime warranty. Teeth implants processes have been successfully carried out on patients all over the world for over 3 decades now. Likewise,  sometimes the dental crown over the implant may need a replacement, due to general wear and tear, just like other teeth do.


Do Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Like Diabetes Or Heart Bypass Surgery Hinder The Dental Implant Process?

Not really. If the patient’s diabetes stays under good control with the current medication being consumed, it in no way can hinder the teeth implants process. We at Prodental Care, the top-notch dentist for dental implants in Surat may like to discuss this with your physician if the need arises.

For patients who have undergone recent bypass surgery, a 6 month wait period is advised.


What Are Mini Implants?

A dental implant that has reduced diameters and shorter lengths are called mini implants. They are made of the same material as the standard dental implants. The diameter in mini implants is less than 3mm and it is because of this that the mini implants procedure involves the use of lesser-complex surgical techniques. Also, the reduced diameter makes implant placement possible in low bone thickness areas.


What Are The Benefits Of Mini Implants?

For some patients, mini dental implants tend to be the only solution. Mini implants come to the rescue as a teeth replacement option when there isn’t enough room to be able to place a traditional implant. Also, the mini implants procedure is less invasive. Such a process can usually be carried out in a single day. This also implies that the recovery period is shorter.


When Are Mini Implants An Ideal Remedy?

Mini implants are ideal for patients –

  • With smaller teeth
  • Have a narrow restoration site
  • Have already lost a lot of bone
  • Looking for replacing the front teeth quickly


Mini Dental Implants Or Regular Implants, Which One To Choose?

Only a qualified dentist can take this call. Mini implants come as an ideal solution in certain scenarios. It is the availability of bone in the patient and the possibility of bone augmentation that decide the type of implant to be used. Our professional, knowledgeable, and experienced team at Prodental Care will examine the patient and then decide the best possible solution to their missing teeth woes.


Types Of Dental Implants

Types Of Dental ImplantsTeeth implants are of two types-

  • Endosteal Implant.
  • Subperiosteal Implant.

The Endosteal dental implant is a two surgery process. In the first surgery, the orthodontist ensures that the jaw bone is wide and deep enough such that a foundation can be laid on it. Post this surgery, a time gap is given to let the gums heal. Finally, the dental implant post is placed in the jaw bone during the second round of surgery.

The Subperiosteal dental implant procedure calls for placing a metal frame on the jaw bone under the gums. This frame acts as a base to hold the posts on which the synthetic tooth is mounted.

Get in touch with us to get to know about the cost of full mouth dental implants in Surat, today!!

Advantages Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Procedure

  • Implanted teeth look exactly like normal natural teeth.
  • Teeth implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth replacement.
  • After the completion of the entire process, the patient no longer has to follow any kind of eating restrictions. The outcome of the best dental implants procedure is as good as having natural strong teeth.
  • The restored teeth are carefully planned to be compatible with the existing natural teeth, and no one can actually distinguish between them.
  • Teeth implants ensure that the existing natural teeth do not fall off as the process makes the jaw bone stronger. Had the missing tooth not been replaced, it could lead to a reduction of the bone’s strength. This would slowly lead to even the healthy teeth falling off. Thus, ultimately leading to disfiguration of the face.


Disadvantages Of Dental Implants

  • Not everyone can be a candidate for teeth implants, without fulfilling the prerequisite requirements.
  • It’s a long process requiring almost 6 months.


Techniques to Relieve Pain Post Dental Implant Process

Medication – We at Prodental Care would prescribe you pain-killing medications known as analgesics. Such medication is the most effective way to reduce post-surgical pain and discomfort. Don’t worry,  such medication is very safe to consume.


Ice Pack or Cold Compress – Cold packs can aid in reducing swelling and bruising. Cold compress is recommended to be used for the first 2 days, 3 times a day for 15-minutes.

Soft Foods – It is advisable to consume soft foods for the first 2 days. Consequently, this evades any pressure on jaws and gum tissues, therefore ensuring they heal faster and better.

Physical Activity – As physical pain would interfere in the healing process, it is recommended you take the day off and relax for the rest of the day.


So, What Happens When You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth?


Truly, one may not realise, but missing permanent teeth not only affect your chewing but also affect speech, facial features, and your self-confidence!! Additionally, other issues that could arise due to missing tooth include –

  • Additional tooth loss.
  • High bone weakness.
  • Improper bite.
  • Misaligned jaw.
  • Gum infection and disease.
  • Increased gum recession.
  • Moving or shifting adjacent teeth.


So, replace your missing teeth as soon as possible!


Parting Words 

The above discussed is a generalized brief overview of the overall dental implant procedure.

But each individual is different, and so is their dental condition. Our experts at Prodental Care take efforts to fully customize the process according to the exact requirements of each patient. Contact us for information on the cost of full mouth dental implants.

It is true that a dental implant procedure demands time, but can change your life completely for the good. Therefore, it is extremely vital to get your dental implants treatment done at reputed, experienced, and friendly dentists. And, when under the expert care of Prodental Care you can be sure you are getting the best possible treatment, at the best possible pricing!



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