Enhance Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Your SMILE- it is the foremost thing that people notice when meeting you.

Are teeth flaws making you smile awkwardly? Don’t worry, consult a reputed cosmetic dentist from the Prodental Care team, the best cosmetic dentistry in Surat, who can help you improve the way you smile!

Aesthetic dentistry is an art and calls for a lot of in-depth knowledge and understanding of dental anatomy. Cosmetic dentistry is restorative. A cosmetic dentist can work extensively – be it minor repairs to major dental procedures to ensure your dental health doesn’t come in way of your picture-perfect smile.

Who Is A Cosmetic Dentist? What Can He Do?

Our experienced cosmetic dentists from the Prodental Care team have studied smile design and different types of procedures that can contribute towards improving them. We can provide you the best dental veneers in Surat.

Most of the time the root cause of almost all aesthetic issues is discoloured/ uneven/ chipped/ missing/ gapped teeth. When you walk into any of our state of art aesthetic dental clinics across Surat, with a desire to improve your facial appearance based on modifications to your teeth and jawline, we would first begin with a comprehensive oral exam. This would enable us to understand your current status and chalk out procedures that can enhance it. We would then take you through all treatment options and expected results.

Let us discuss the 3 major aesthetic dentistry procedures in detail!



People of all ages wish to have bright white teeth. But nowadays, having stained teeth isn’t uncommon. Be it due to improper dental care, heavy coffee/tea drinking, smoking, chewing betel leaves/tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, inappropriate brushing habits, or even wear and tear due to age. But with help from the best cosmetic dental clinic and their professional teeth whitening treatments, the dream of a bright pearly white smile can become true!


What Is A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Professional teeth whitening procedure is non-invasive. Teeth whitening procedures are aimed at lightening teeth colour and making them look whiter! Such treatments are the best way to whiten teeth without any risks!

A few decades ago, teeth whitening procedures were underdeveloped, and undergoing them was considered risky. Teeth whitening procedures came with side effects like severe sensitivity. But with the latest developments in the dental technology field, today modern-day professional teeth whitening not only removes stains but also doesn’t harm the teeth! They are surely the safest and best way to whiten teeth.


The Teeth Whitening Process

Screening – Our team of qualified dentists at Prodental Care would first do a thorough check-up to decide on the aptest kind of procedure to carry out to achieve the most effective whitening results. We would examine the gums and teeth to check for decayed teeth/ gum recession or any other abnormalities.

Pre-bleaching processBefore anyone goes in for a whitening procedure, at Prodental Care, the best cosmetic dentistry near me in Surat, our experts recommended them to undergo any corrective procedures they might need, like fixing of crooked/damaged teeth, etc. This ensures an even colour outcome at the end of the teeth whitening procedure!


The whitening procedureA professional teeth whitening procedure is known as chairside bleaching. During this process, we use a guard to assist in keeping the patient’s mouth open. Then the best dentist for teeth whitening treatment first applies a rubber shield or protective gel on the patient’s gums. This protects the soft tissue of the gums from exposure to the whitening chemical. Then the bleaching agent is carefully applied to the teeth with a syringe. Post this to enhance the bleaching agent’s effect; it is flashed with specialized laser light. The process ends with the dentist removing the protective shield on the gums.

This process takes about 30-60 minutes and is painless.

Bleaching trayA bleaching tray is used to bleach the entire arch. Teeth whitening services use a custom-made fabricated tray as per the size specifications of each patient. We at Prodental Care, the best dentist for teeth whitening treatment, load this tray with ‘carbamide peroxide gel’ and it takes 2 to 6 weeks to whiten moderately yellow or brown discolored teeth. With appropriate care, the effects of such bleaching can be seen for about a year, after which you can easily repeat the process!

Who Are Not Eligibility For Whitening Treatment?

Anyone and everyone can be a likely candidate for a whitening treatment, except the following people: –

  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • People below 16 years of age
  • Anyone with pre-existing dental complications.
  • People who have undergone tooth bonding or tooth fillings may not find results, as chemical whitening would not work on cosmetic teeth.


Does Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure Have Any Side Effects?


Thanks to modern technology and advanced techniques, a whitening treatment is safe. Yes, one a feel minor effect like –

  • Mild sensitivity on the consumption of cold / hot food,
  • Mild sore throat/ gum irritation,
  • In rare cases, a few white patches on gums.

But worry not, any such symptoms would subside within 2-3 days.

Why Opt For A Teeth Whitening Treatment?


White and bright set of teeth have the power to brighten your day. The following are pointers in favour of considering teeth whitening treatment and bid adieu to the yellowish tinge on your teeth-

1. With professionally done teeth whitening treatment done at a reputed aesthetic dental clinic like Prodental Care, you can achieve an attractive appearance. Milky white teeth can enhance the way you look. This would even boost your self-confidence.
2. A teeth whitening treatment at the best cosmetic dental clinic is extremely affordable.
3. A teeth whitening process is safe and will not have any harmful side effects.

So, don’t wait any further! Contact Prodental Care, the best cosmetic dentistry near me in Surat for your teeth whitening process today. A flawless smile is the most beautiful accessory you can ever wear!


How To Take Care Of Teeth Post A Teeth Whitening Process

Once you have successfully undergone a whitening process, under the best dentist for teeth whitening treatment, keeping in mind the following guidelines will ensure the effects of the procedure last long-

  • Always brush your teeth with a dentist-recommended toothpaste. Using special toothpaste can help to maintain the PH balance inside your mouth. Using an unappropriated toothpaste could result in quick deterioration of the whitening process.

  • Indulge in moderate consumption of foods that can cause stains. Foods like red wine, tea, coffee, beetroot can cause staining. And when you consume such foods, it is recommended you follow it up by gargling with water. This would ensure removing any leftover stain-causing food particles in the mouth.

  • Teeth whitening is an on-going procedure. This means that its effects fade away with time. So, to ensure your teeth continue to look white, consult your dentist providing teeth whitening services in Surat for a retouch after 10 to 12 months.

Also, we at Prodental Care recommend a few other things that can make your whitening last longer. One of them is using a straw for drinking fluids whenever possible. This way the fluid is less likely to come in direct contact with the teeth, thus reducing the chances of teeth staining. Also, may seem a bit funny, but chewing gum also helps to retain the whitening as chewing generates saliva, which helps to keep the teeth white!

Why Opt For Teeth Whitened By A Professional?


The market today is flooded with many products available for teeth whitening at home that you can use and do it yourself. But we at Prodental Care strongly recommend you getting your teeth whitening under a qualified dentist’s oversight to prevent any kind of complications as the procedure involves dealing with chemicals and bleaching agents. Slight negligence could lead you to a lot of harm. We at Prodental Care ensure you get only the aptest teeth whitening solution based on your lifestyle, budget, desires, and oral health. Our procedure is completely safe and is the best way to whiten teeth.

So do not put yourself at risk by trying to do teeth whitening at home!



What Are Dental Veneers? 

Dental veneers are thin tooth-coloured shells made of ceramic (porcelain). They have to be custom made for size, length, shape, and colour for each individual tooth. They are placed on the front visible part of the tooth. Dental veneers are natural-looking and are used to improve the appearance of the teeth. Dentists use special dental cement to bond each veneer to the specific teeth. We at Prodental Care provide the best dental veneers in Surat.

The primary purpose of opting for cosmetic dentistry veneers is to conceal tooth discolorations or flaws like a dull look, chipped tooth, injuries, or gaps between teeth.


The dental veneer process when carried out at the best cosmetic dental clinic is painless and completely safe.

Cosmetic teeth veneers are made of different materials like ceramic, composite resin, or porcelain. Out of these, the most preferred by the best aesthetic dental clinics all over the world are porcelain veneers teeth. They also have the longest shelf life.


Why Cosmetic Teeth Veneers?

You may not realize it, but your teeth do a lot of work. And doing so, the teeth experience grinding and erosion. By undergoing a cosmetic dentistry veneers service in Surat, you can protect your teeth. Veneers are a thin top layer placed on the top of the tooth. This protects the teeth and also makes them look beautiful.

We at Prodental Care recommend dental veneer teeth as the perfect solution to-

  • Make yellowish or stained teeth look pearly white when teeth whitening isn’t proving effective
  • Hide a pitted tooth
  • Fill gaps/uneven spaces between teeth
  • Repair a chipped tooth that is causing chewing problems
  • Repair crooked or misshapen teeth and eliminating food accumulation
  • To make uneven teeth in a jawline look even sized.

Mainly, veneer teeth are cosmetic tools that add to the appearance of a person. Apart from this, it is noteworthy to know that as best dental veneers are made of porcelain, so they even contribute to strengthening the teeth.


Who Can Get Dental Veneers?

Dentists for cosmetic teeth veneers in Surat prescribe porcelain veneers teeth to help the correct appearance of crooked, chipped, worn-out, discolored, or cracked teeth. Some people have gaps in their teeth. Getting the best dental veneers treatment done can help eliminate such gaps too. Hence with cosmetic dentistry veneers, you can hide flaws in your teeth and smile with confidence.


How Are Dental Veneer Made?


Each dental veneer teeth has to be custom made for each tooth, depending on the tooth structure and colour shade. We at Prodental Care, the best place for cosmetic dentistry veneers in Surat take a lot of care when choosing the perfect veneer shade so that they blend in naturally giving a natural-looking outcome.


The Veneer Process

Pre-Application – When you go to a dentist for cosmetic dentistry veneers, they first begin the process with a dental cleaning. Then they lightly buff down the teeth. This makes space for the veneer to fit in. Then the dentist takes a moulding of the teeth and sends it to the laboratory. In the laboratory, the dental veneer is made.

The Application Process – Once we receive the porcelain veneers teeth from the laboratory, we would call and fix an appointment with you for the procedure.

The procedure again begins with an intense dental cleaning. Then we place a specialized bonding material on the tooth and place the veneer teeth on it. Then we shine a special light on it, for about a minute, that helps to harden the bonding material. We would then remove any excess bonding material and do a tooth shining process.

The entire process is painless and does not require any anaesthesia to be administered. But if you have sensitive teeth or anxiety, you can always opt for such medication at Prodental Care, the best cosmetic dentistry near me!


Maintenance Of Dental Veneers


Dental veneers are easy to maintain and do not ask for any special care. Just care for them as you care for your normal teeth- brush twice a day, floss regularly, and go for regular dental visits.

We at Prodental Care advised you to keep the following in mind, apart from the above. Like-

  • Your teeth are only for biting and chewing. Do not try to use them as can opens!
  • Don’t bite onto very hard foods like hard candy or ice cubes.
  • Don’t bite your nails or chew pencil/pen tops!


So, How Long Do Dest Dental Veneers Last?


Just like our normal teeth, even porcelain veneers teeth are suspectable to damage and wear and tear. But, when done by reputed dentists like Prodental Care, the best cosmetic dentistry near me, dental veneers easily last for 15 to 20 years.



When you wish to add a unique something to your beautiful smile and picture-perfect teeth, how about adding a diamond?

What Is Tooth Diamond?


The latest trend in aesthetic dentistry these days is to place a diamond on your teeth! Not only a real diamond, but you could also choose from diamonds, colour stones, Swarovski, or any charm.

This is the latest style craze, and we at Prodental Care are one of the pioneer dentist for diamond on tooth near me in Surat.


How Long Does A Tooth Diamond Last?

The process of application of a tooth diamond is quick and easy. It takes not more than15-20 minutes. And, they stay on your teeth until you decide to get it removed. The dental bonding procedure is used to fix the diamond on the tooth. They can be 100 % reversible by any professional and qualified dentist offering tooth diamond near me services.


Can The Presence Of A Tooth Diamond Hinder In Any Way?


No. Such jewels are usually between 0.4 mm or 0.9 mm in thickness and 1.8 mm to 3 mm in diameter. That means they are extremely small! Although, for the first few days, you might feel its presence. Then, slowly you get used to it.


Can The Jewel Impede Brushing Or Dental Tooth Cleaning?

No. There is practically no difference in anything about your teeth including hindrance for brushing or cleaning when you opt for a diamond on tooth near me under a reputed and professional dentist like Prodental Care.


Can The Jewel Fall Off? What Happens If I Swallow It Accidentally?

No, it is very rare for the jewel to fall off. And even in a rare scenario if they fall off, don’t worry, these jewels do not have sharp edges. They would not hurt in any way. So, when swallowed, they exit your system “the natural way.” And then, there is no need to worry as it would not cause you any harm.



Our teeth are our pathway to being healthy and with a little care and effort, it is possible to keep them healthy.

The field of cosmetic dentistry is attracting more and more people with each passing day. Today, everyone wishes to look attractive and flash a flawless smile. Advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry have made possible a host of cosmetic dental procedures that help you hide the little flaws and let you smile with confidence. Other benefits of opting for cosmetic dentistry include-

  • A healthier mouth
  • Freedom to eat the food of your choice
  • Retaining structural integrity of your mouth

Brushing 2 times a day, regular flossing, and bi-annual check-ups at Prodental Care, the best dentist in Surat you can be assured to have good dental health.

So do not wait any longer, migrate to a confident smile, TODAY!

Come To Prodental Care & Smile Again With Cosmetic Dentistry!

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