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The orthodontists who are certified always properly trained to treat the condition of your teeth, gums, and especially the oral section of your body. Teeth and Jaws are the main sections and orthodontist deals with. Supervising the facial growth mainly the jawline and bite in the children and adults are the main concern of them. To search orthodontist near me in Surat, Prodental Care in Surat of Dr. Nitin Shah will be a perfect one. Also, the team with Dr. Nitin Shah will satisfy you for getting the search for the result orthodontist near me.


Difference between a dentist and orthodontist:

Actually, the work of a dentist and orthodontist is somewhat different. Both are important to improve oral health, still, some clauses and cons are there to work two different sectors properly. Dentistry deals with teeth and Jaws and the field of an orthodontist are to focus on correcting the bite, occlusion, and teeth straightness.


Cause of searching:

The need for an orthodontist near me required when someone has an experience of continuous jaw pain. Trouble in chewing, biting food, or speaking improperly are the other signs which focus someone to visit an orthodontist or to search for an orthodontist near me.


Reason for treatment:

By creating an orthodontic treatment properly means to create a healthy, functional life an orthodontist can give through proper treatment. Besides, repairing a bite is the most important one which is actually an assemble of tooth alignment and jaw position. To do a proper oral function it is essential that Jaws and teeth must be lined up correctly. This type of treatment is very much useful for oral health and general physical health.



To strengthen teeth and correct bite the orthodontist near me will help you to fit your teeth and jaw line up. By using braces trays and other appliances namely headgear which takes the position around the head or neck for creating much force which helps all to make teeth move.

Closing wide gaps between teeth is a common phenomenon of orthodontics. Aligning the tips of the teeth and strengthening the crooked teeth are the other features. Besides, to improve chewing ability and to give the gums and teeth a longer life this treatment is very much important. To improvise the trauma of the teeth and repair improper bite is another important feature for searching an orthodontist near me which must be a proper one with Dr. Nitin Shah and his team of Prodental care.



Fixed appliances and mainly used by the orthodontist. In the orthodontal clinic, the devices are used when precision is important and also required. Braces which are a combination of brackets, wires, and bands are the most important ones. Around the teeth, bands are used in the shape of an arch the wires are used through the brackets placed in front of the teeth. With the help of the wires, all enter into a fixation. For a child, a fixed space maintainer is essential. Removable orthodontic appliances to improve minor problems are used such as aligners, footgear, lip and cheek bumpers, etc.

Malocclusion is the main reason to visit an orthodontist which is no actually a disease but due to this physical appearance lacks, which creates the loss of self-confidence. Besides, teeth injury or facial injury is another cause of this happening.

To deal with the patients properly is the main cause of concern of the orthodontist. Not only the physical problem but also to give the confidence of oneself is the work of them.

To give the smile on each and every face is the main purpose of orthodontists. By placing the devices, they can make everybody happy. In Surat, while searching orthodontist near me the Prodental Care by doctor Nitin Shah will be the proper one. Have a magic smile and be happy forever.


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