Best Dental Care Tips From The Experts

Best Dental Care Tips From The Experts

Healthy teeth are a result of a lifetime of attention and care. Yes, some people are blessed with beautiful and perfect teeth. But to ensure they stay perfect, beautiful, and healthy, you need to provide them regular and continuous care. 

Good tooth care is a combination of 

  • Using the right dental care products
  • Following the prescribed best dental practices
  • Eating and drinking right
  • And being under the regular check-up radar of a qualified dentist

Let us at Prodental Care, the best dental clinic in Surat take you through our top 10 best dental care recommendations-

  1. Brush twice a day

We all have heard this many many times. But still, a lot of us skip brushing our teeth at night! Let us explain to you why brushing at night is very important-

We sleep for about 8 hours at night. During this time, our teeth do not come in contact with anything external. Also, we sleep post eating our dinner. A meal could leave behind tiny food particles in the hidden corners of your mouth. This 8-hour inactive time is plenty of time for germs and plaque to build upon the food particles. This way your teeth come in contact germs. If this happens regularly, it can harm your teeth.

So, do not miss brushing twice a day!!!!!

  • Proper brushing 

Just brushing your teeth is not enough. It is the way you brush your teeth that is important. Inappropriate brushing is as good as not brushing at all!!

The correct way to brush is to brush slowly, without rushing through the process. Apply toothpaste on your toothbrush and make gentle circular movements. Plaque deposits on the teeth are hard to remove. And when such deposits remain on the teeth for a while, they lead to the build-up of calculus. This not only leads to tooth problems, but it could also lead to gum diseases like gingivitis.

  • Cleaning of the tongue is important as well

Oral hygiene is not only about your teeth. It is also about taking care of the tongue. Your tongue is also a venue for plaque build-up. Such plaque build-up not only leads you to a bad mouth odour but also is the first step towards a host of dental issues.

  • Ensure your toothpaste has fluoride

There are loads of tubes of toothpaste available in the market. They also come in different flavours, colours and offer numerous whitening promises. But do you know what is the primary element to consider when choosing a toothpaste? It is its fluoride content! It is the fluoride present in a toothpaste that helps to fight against tooth decay. Also, fluoride forms a protective barrier on the teeth, that can help them fight the germs.

Yes, fluoride does have ill effects when used in other areas of healthcare, but best dentists all over the world vouch for fluoride as a mainstay requirement in oral health. 

  • Flossing

A lot of people have a misconception that flossing is used for getting rid of the food stuck in between the teeth. however, this is not the only reason we should floss. We at Prodental Care strongly recommend flossing once a day as it can help in reducing plaque, reduce the presence of any inflammation in the teeth and gums, and stimulate the gums. 

Flossing with ready-to-use dental flossers can make it an easier task for children or adults suffering from arthritis. 

  • Use a mouthwash

Switch on any media, you are sure to be bombarded with unrealistic advertisements about mouthwashes! It is these unrealistic advertisements that often make us ignore using a mouthwash. But in reality, best dental clinics across the world vouch for the importance of using a mouthwash for good oral health.

Using a mouthwash reduces the amount of acid in the mouth. Also swishing with a mouthwash ensures cleaning the hard-to-brush areas inside the mouth. Mouthwash also contributes to re-mineralize the teeth.

  • Drinking more water

This is the favourite advice of any doctor! Water is an unequalled beverage for health. When we drink water after a meal, it helps to wash out any food particles especially the sticky and acidic ones from staying in the mouth and teeth.

  • Consume crunchy fruits and vegetables

We at Prodental Care vouch that consuming fresh and crunchy vegetables and fruits can not only provide your body with fibre but is very beneficial for your dental health.

  • Limit consumption of very sugary/ acidic/ sticky-chewy/ sour foods

When the saliva in our mouth is exposed to sugary food, it converts into acid. High and repeated exposure of teeth to such acid, result in enamel erosion, and this eventually leads to cavities in the teeth.

Also, high consumption of caffeine-rich drinks like tea and coffee or too acidic fruits could lead to wearing down the enamel.

Consuming sticky/chewy foods and candy could lead to them getting stuck on your teeth and thus providing food for oral bacteria.

Very sour food contains specific acids that are harm your enamel. And the added disadvantage is that brushing your teeth post-consumption of such food is very damaging for enamel.

  1. Go for Bi-annual dental check-ups

Lastly, it is recommended to visit the best dentist near me every 6 months even if you do not suspect any dental concerns. This could ensure none of your dental issues convert to bigger problems!

The Importance Of A Bi-Annual Dental Exam

There is hardly anyone in the world who would enjoy a visit to the dentist’s clinic as a patient!!!

Most people have hidden dental anxiety and tend to postpone a dental visit unless necessary. They tend to overlook the importance of a bi-annual dental visit and regular check-ups.

What is needed to be understood that such ignorance towards regular dental examinations may prove to be detrimental! People often associate dental visits to cosmetic purposes, oral hygiene, teeth placement issues, or smile enhancement desires. But this is not the complete truth. Dental health is a keyhole to your overall health and wellbeing!

Did you know – Regular dental examinations by the best dentist in Surat could save your life? Read along to find out how!

What A Dental Exam Encompasses?

Apart from finding solutions for your dental issues like –

  • Wisdom teeth troubles
  • Cavities
  • Crowns
  • Missing teeth
  • Dentures 
  • Teeth colour   
  • Teeth Alignment

A dental examination by an experienced dentist at Prodental Care can be a chance for early detection of oral cancer and other such serious health complications.

A lot of major health complications show early signs, which go unnoticed by normal people as they do not cause any discomfort, but can be detected by experienced dentists from Prodental Care, the best dental clinic in Surat. In a routine dental check-up from regular tooth-related issues, the best dentist near me would also check for any abnormalities relating to 

  • Discoloration in the gums
  • The health of the tongue 
  • Sores in the mouth
  • Abnormal-looking tissues in the mouth, etc.

Such issues would go unnoticed by you, in the beginning, phase as they may not be causing any discomfort currently.

Signs of any such abnormalities may lead the dentist to deeper investigation if required. At times we at Prodental Care also prescribe to take samples from the mouth, which we send for lab testing, for a more accurate diagnosis.

Foods To Avoid For A Good Dental Health

One may not realize but there is a vital connection between what you eat and your dental health!

Therefore, dentists all over the world recommend putting a check on what we consume. Below mentioned is a list of worst foods for your dental health

  • Hard to bite food like candies or ice cubes- Biting onto hard things could result in damaging the enamel or chipping of a tooth.
  • Dry fruits – Dry fruits may be good for your overall health, but prove to be bad from your dental health as they are often sticky and could stay stuck on the teeth for long, leading to damaging the enamel.
  • Popcorn: Accidently eating uncooked popcorn kernels could damage your enamel. Also, popcorn can get trapped in between the teeth while eating.
  • Crackers: They are high in sugar content.
  • Potato chips: The starch content in them makes them stick to the teeth. 
  • Sodas- Apart from being harmful to your health, soda’s acidic nature makes them harmful for your teeth too.
  • Sports and energy drinks – As they are loaded in sugar content.
  • Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages cause dehydration and dry mouth

We all are very well aware that good eating habits are the basis of good health. But most of us fail to realize, they are also the doorway to good dental health too.

Therefore, we are Prodental Care, the best dentist in Surat strongly recommend regular dental care and eating healthily, for leading a healthy life!

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